In 2014, I blogged about food and kitchens and what cooking means every day in October as part of the #write31days challenge. It was life-giving and tiring and delicious (even when I messed up recipes along the way).

Below you’ll find links to all 31 posts (plus an introduction to the project). Bon appetit!

Day 0
// Why 31 Days in the Kitchen.
Day 1 // A tour of the tiny kitchen.
Day 2 // That time I was (sort of) on Chopped.
Day 3 // What I learned from the Barefoot Contessa.
Day 4 // French improvisation + my favorite kitchen tool.
Day 5 // Baking pies in Chamonix.
Day 6 // Taco soup & recipe sharing.
Day 7 // Potage parmentier.
Day 8 // An apple galette for one.
Day 9 // From a Knoxville kitchen.
Day 10 // What all this will add up to.
Day 11 // Mamaw’s guacamole.
Day 12 // An homage to fromage.
Day 13 // A tour of pies.
Day 14 // The world’s most underrated vegetable.
Day 15 // Amped-up chicken tacos.
Day 16 // Becoming Internet-famous.
Day 17 // Why I eat tomatoes: pico de gallo.
Day 18 // Here’s what’s happening on the ranch.
Day 19 // Pour patisseries et du pain.
Day 20 // I love KitchenAid mixers.
Day 21 // Five things I learned from the Pioneer Woman.
Day 22 // Overnight oats: the jury is out.
Day 23 // The Unlikely Pancake.
Day 24 // I’ll lay the table.
Day 25 // The best part of fall.
Day 26 // Found in Chamonix.
Day 27 // #31DaysintheKitchen: a reading list.
Day 28 // A November tradition: Friendsgiving.
Day 29 // From my place at the table.
Day 30 // The recipe knows best.
Day 31 // 31 days later: here is what I know.


2 thoughts on “#31Days

  1. Anne, so glad your Dad posted this link! Really enjoying your cooking escapades and talking about home. You made me a little homesick for Versailles and can’t forget the way our families met! You and Nick getting married in 2nd grade and hearing about how he climbed out the window of the second floor. Missing your family so much but guess we all have to adapt to changes in our lives. Love you and can’t wait for your next episode! Mrs. D (Nancy)

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