From Butchertown Hall to Montgomery & back: all (7) of the things.

One of my favorite bloggers, Landyn Hutchinson from Living with Landyn, says “all the things” all the time, but she uses it as a descriptor. As in, life is so great; it is all the things.

Now that life is basically back to normal after what I have respectfully and fearfully dubbed The Sickness, lots of happy things are happening.

I’ll say—it’s not too bad at the moment, and it’s at least all seven of these things:

  1. Butchertown Hall
    Ben and I finally celebrated his birthday with dinner at Butchertown Hall. In June. His birthday is in April. So there’s that. Thank you, sickness. I’m glad we waited until everything was all healed, though, and I could eat to my heart’s content because the food was goooood. Butchertown Hall is a German/Mexican hybrid when it comes to the style of food. You’ll find German beer, sausage, tacos, and guacamole. Here’s a glimpse at the menu.
    IMG_0053And our appetizer:
    IMG_0059That guacamole was some of the best I have ever had. No tomatoes! It was spicy, bright green and fresh, packed with cilantro and covered in plenty of lime juice.And our dinner choices:
    IMG_0060 copyIMG_0061Oh my word. I had turkey with roasted potatoes and Brussels sprouts with spiced nuts on top, and Ben had brisket with potatoes and corn. It was, as you might guess, heavenly. We would 1000% return.
  2. My one-year-old nephew, Rory
    Rory turned one in June, and we celebrated one night with the Canters, dinner at Red Robin, and then cake at Whole Foods. Praise hands for Whole Foods and their delicious vegan cupcakes (thanks, Holly!). Here’s Rory diving in:
  3. Montgomery and Mom-mom
    Right before the 4th of July, we took a trip to see Ben’s paternal grandmother, Mom-mom, who I’d only met briefly at our wedding. We surprised her at the airport, and it was wonderful to get some good time with her. I also discovered my future first stop in Montgomery in the future: Nancy’s Italian ice. They have a flavor that is a mix of blue raspberry and green apple. It’s like the place was created for me.
  4. Breakout Games
    To celebrate opening four new LifeWay stores, including one in Fort Wayne, my team at work went out for lunch and then to the Breakout Games. I was in the Island Escape room, and y’all, it was SO FUN. We broke out, and we only asked for a clue once. Here’s our group! I’m so grateful for these fun people.
  5. Kathleen Kelly
    Okay, I know one reader and friend of the blog will disagree with me on this (hi, Logan!), but Kathleen Kelly’s clothes in You’ve Got Mail are awesome. I will never change my view on this crucial fact of life. And, in a glorious regular day at work, I discovered I had worn a Kathleen outfit. In 2017. And I don’t think it made people think I had woken up on the wrong side of 1995, either.
  6. Pico de Gallo
    Birthday break means snack time, which now also means “I’ll bring something to make sure I have a gluten and dairy free option.” This time I made the best pico I have ever made. It was scrumptious and my work pals ate the whole bowl. It’s just roma tomatoes, red onions, a jalapeño, lime juice, salt, pepper, and a whole handful of cilantro. How does that make something so good?!
  7. Goodreads and memoirs
    My coworker, Cooper, and I recently got into a big discussion about a critical aspect of my personality: I enjoy reading celebrity memoirs. I read very few novels—I’m drawn almost entirely to nonfiction, particularly memoirs. They’re not all celebrity memoirs, but let’s just say I read Lauren Graham’s book as well as Simone Biles’ in about two days. Cooper recommended several more serious and legitimate memoirs, and I have started a Goodreads list. I just finished Mara Wilson’s Where Am I Now? (you know, the girl from Matilda—who is now an incredible writer) and am starting Hillbilly Elegy. I do love to read, and I feel more like myself as I’ve gotten back into reading daily.

What is just all the things to you at the moment?


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