Summer snapshots.

I thought about writing a list of things I’d learned this summer, but, in some ways, three months is too short a time to learn anything. And things we learn tend to become clear much later than during the time period in which we learned them. (So, to that effect, stay tuned!)

But there are always little things that define our moments–things we discovered, what we watched, what we brought into our lives that made them a little more fun. Here are a few of mine from this season.

  1. Fixer Upper. I asked Ben yesterday if he wanted to dress up as Chip and Joanna for Halloween one year, so that pretty much explains it. I love ’em. I love ship lap. I love white kitchens. If I were ever on Fixer Upper, I would be all, “Take me to the most dilapidated house you can find! I am ready to take on a fixer upper!”
  2. The Bachelorette. Yeah, okay. While I have all sorts of feelings about willingly going on a show in which your girlfriend will be dating 20 guys at once and then complaining about that very thing happening, I watched it. Because it’s ridiculous. But one episode in and I had to know how it ended. And by the end, I just wanted them all to find love.
  3. Snapchat. I can’t get enough of the filters. Favorites: the one with the flower crown, any Olympics-themed (which are, sadly, no more), any food-themed (toast!). Not the scary ones. Yikes.
  4. Audiobooks (read by the author). I listened to Mary Karr’s Lit on the way to Nashville in June and for most of the month living in Indiana. I loved being able to jump into her world anytime I was in the car, hearing a now-familiar voice and story. The story itself was really wonderful, but the last bit of the book knocked me over. I listened to it several times in a row. This book was good in the way that proves that good stories live on in their readers. They’re there, almost literally felt.
  5. I can’t do math. Still texting my friend Brad to work out math problems for me. I’m sure he is still delighted by having this role in my life.
  6. Following recipes. Y’all, if you can follow a recipe well, you can make anything. I just love that. I keep coming back to that idea for some reason. I think it’s knowing that I don’t have to have practiced making bread for years, for example, to try making bread and end up with a loaf of bread. It may not be perfect, but it’ll be bread.
  7. Rio. OH MY WORD. The Final Five. ALL THE SOBS. I cannot watch people achieve their dreams without getting SUPER INTO IT. Read all the backstories. Watched all the NBC coverage. Stayed up all the hours at night. (Moment that still makes me cry: Aly Raisman’s floor routine where she cries at the end. I just cannot.) And let’s be real, we are all Aly Raisman’s parents when watching the Olympics.
  8. Kindle for iPhone. This summer my reading did not happen via physical books. As an English major, I feel like I should probably have opinions about that, but I don’t. Downloading Kindle on my phone meant that I had a book in my hand basically constantly. I read two books in a week. That’s a win regardless of the method. (One of them was Gabby Douglas’ memoir but don’t even worry about it. Blame the Olympics.)
  9. Bread-making. So far, I can make pizza dough exactly how it’s supposed to be made, but actual sandwich bread, not so much. It tasted good but did not dome on the top. Hmm. More practice with yeast is in order, because I could not love kneading bread and my hands being covered with flour more.
  10. Bitmoji.

…enough said.

What made its way into your summer? Let me know in the comments!


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