Things I love right now: a list.

Tonight, I’m going to hear my blogger friend Annie talk about her new book, Looking for Lovely, with a friend of mine. We’re meeting for dinner beforehand, going to the talk, and then I will try not to stay up til all hours of the night reading, because I have to work tomorrow.

Even though working on Saturday is not lovely, Annie’s going to talk about looking for the lovely in the midst of hard stuff. I’ll give it a go now, because I’m finding it’s the little things that brighten my days.

  1. Avocados with salt and pepper.
  2. Iced coffee weather.
  3. Iced coffee.
  4. My niece (well, almost-niece!)’s birthday party tomorrow.
  5. The donut leggings I bought for her, which I will wrap in a lavender bag with white polka dots.
  6. Turning the rest of the ice cream in the freezer into ice cream pie.
  7. Making a crust for said pie, Chopped-style, with only ingredients I had in the pantry.
  8. Target. Always.
  9. Turkey from the deli at Kroger. Ovengold turkey, people. My sandwiches have never been better.
  10. Sunglasses.
  11. Save the Dates.
  12. Splurging on fancy pens to address the Save the Dates.
  13. Planning Ben’s birthday surprises.
  14. My Lettermate (which he got me for my birthday). It helps you address envelopes!
  15. Mexican food.
  16. Guacamole.
  17. March Madness.
  18. The new basketball I bought so Ben and I can play.
  19. Hearing from friends over text when I really need encouragement. Sometimes they just read my mind.
  20. Panera.
  21. Clif bars.
  22. Mindy Kaling’s book Why Not Me?.
  23. Cleaning out my purse (which is basically representative of my mind at any given time).
  24. Wedding planning.
  25. Ben. (Sappy. Not sorry. He’s the best.)

What are you loving right now? Tell me in the comments! :)


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