#BenGoesGilmore, Volume One.

Recently, Ben has actually started asking to watch Gilmore Girls. Since I have seen the series in its entirety at least 4-5 times (if not more), it’s been interesting to watch him watch the show. So–the following is the first installment of #BenGoesGilmore. He has found that Gilmore Girls is like Harry Potter: once you read the beginning, you have to read til the end to see if Snape is good or bad. Or who the Gilmore Girls will end up with. Either/or.

A-tisket, A-tasket/The Bracebridge Dinner:

As Rory insists upon picnicking with Jess… “It’s like she’s already going out with this guy. I mean, poor Dean. No respect.”

As Jackson plays off not wanting to move in with Sookie… “I think I know his game here. …YEP.”


During the picnic… “What did he pick up off the dock?” (“Rory’s bracelet from Dean.”) “I hate this guy.”

“I do feel really bad for Dean. The entire show, I feel like he’s been given no respect.”

As Sookie trains the servers for the Bracebridge dinner, Kirk takes notes until Sookie yells, “Kirk, you’re driving me crazy!”)… “Are you writing down everything I say? Is it like Kirk?” To which I said…


It Should’ve Been Lorelai

As Lorelai and Rory play bagel hockey… “But the hockey hall of fame isn’t in Cooperstown.” (OF COURSE he knows this.)

During Rory’s Chilton debate about assisted suicide… “Life with Paris is assisted suicide.”

Christopher arrives at the debate with Sherry… “UH OH.”

Sherry talks to Lorelai in the kitchen… “I’m trying to figure out what this woman’s game is.”

#BenGoesGilmore Recap/Things We Have Learned:

Gilmore Girls, amid all its factually correct references, manages to get several sports references wrong. Probably, as Rory says, she and Lorelai are interested in “various aspects of certain sporting endeavors.”

Poor Dean.

Jess has always been the snake in the grass. #TeamJess? How about #TeamRoryNeedsToBeMoreConsiderate.

Sherry’s later antics TOTALLY MAKE SENSE.

Until next time!


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