The mission kitchen.

The other day at church, we were asked to write down three things we wanted to be known for. We wrote them on a little card, sealed them in an envelope, and addressed it to ourselves, to be sent at the end of the summer.

I read somewhere, a while back, about creating a mission statement for yourself. I thought of my three things like that – a list of three things I want to achieve no matter what I’m doing, as circumstances change, as time passes. They went something like this:

  1. I want to love and follow Jesus as circumstances change, growing in my faith.
  2. I want to love my people fiercely, specifically, and over time.
  3. I want to advocate for the role of the arts and creativity in our lives, working to share their impact with the people around me.

It’s been hard to measure productivity lately, so I’ve been in the kitchen. It seems to be where I go to create, to use my hands, to use my senses.

I made brown sugar the other day. Just molasses and sugar. It even packed like brown sugar from the bag.


Did you know that was possible? I made oatmeal scotchies with it later on that day, and they tasted exactly the same. Miraculous.


The other day Ben and I made no-churn ice cream from a recipe my friend Elizabeth shared. Just whipped heavy cream, sweetened condensed milk, and anything else you want in it. We added peaches, blueberries, vanilla, cinnamon, and a pinch of nutmeg. And y’all? It tasted like pie.


So summer’s here – pie, Farmer’s Market fruit, ice cream, swimming – and I’m baking, writing, job-searching. I’ll celebrate a dear friend’s wedding soon and travel home to snuggle with some pups and hang out with my parents and sister. I’ll figure it out, I think, starting with what to do if you’re out of brown sugar. I’ll (try to) measure my days against those three points and little less. I’ll check in with long-distance friends, bring cookies to short-distance friends, talk for hours and call it a day.


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