The 12 Updates of Nashville.

  1. Ted Allen shared my blog postI posted “Relationships: as told by Chopped” and forgot to check my stats for the rest of the day. Then the next day I thought WordPress was broken because where were all these page views coming from?! Finally I found that Ted Allen (TED ALLEN) had shared the post on both Facebook and Twitter. Thanks for a full fourth of my total blog views ever, Ted.
  2. Stomach bugs are the worst. Last week I was sick. And I thought I was better but then I…wasn’t. Luckily Ben took care of me the whole week and brought chicken soup and stopped me from devouring pizza and cheeseburgers when I felt even slightly better (yet completely hungry).
  3. Ryan Gosling’s beard. Ben met Dienesa and Brooke over Google Hangout a week or so ago, and Brooke immediately compared him to Ryan Gosling. And y’all, it’s the beard. Look at this. See?
  4. Curb Center Creative Practice Boot Camp. I helped out with Boot Camp a couple Friday mornings ago, checking people in for the day, setting out snacks, taking photos and drinking a lot of coffee. It was so much fun! They had these fun fill-in-the-blank things all over the walls for participants to write on, and this was my contribution.
  5. Mr. Napkin Head. Ben as Jude Law in The Holiday.UpdateNapkin
  6. Dinner with Milly. I’ve been spending a lot of time with Ben’s family, and on this particular dinner out, Ben’s niece Milly grabbed my hand after dinner and didn’t let go for about five minutes. (Seriously, she’s the cutest.)
  7. Pretty Anthropologie things. I found an egg holder thing and berry basket on sale, finally. I love them. The blue!Crisp2
  8. Ticket to Ride. I love this game.
  9. Archery. Tomorrow, Ben and I are in a Valentine’s Day archery tournament. We’ve practiced. It’s so much fun!
  10. Curb Scholar meetings. On Mondays, I help out at Curb with meetings for the Scholars. I take photos and notes for the website and play with this cutie (my friend Hillery’s daughter), who eats a lot of Cheerios while we eat pizza or nachos.
  11. Teaching. Even when I’m annoyed with working while everyone else is, well, not, my workshop participants amaze me. They’re writing so well, and they’re completely sweet and generous.
  12. Jane came to visit. Before she went back to Missouri, Jane visited and we talked about all the things. We had a lovely breakfast at Portland Brew before she left. Nothing’s better than coffee with the best of friends.UpdatePDXBrew

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