Relationships, as told by Chopped.

I watch a lot of Chopped. I am also in a relationship with this lovely man named Ben, who has a wonderfully creative and weird brain (sort of like mine, but full of a lot more Doctor Who references). A few days ago, we somehow started talking about how relationships are (ideally, actually) like an episode of Chopped

First, you meet. And you know you need to get it together fast or this relationship will end. It’s like, clean up your apartment and stop being weird or


Then you start spending time together. But who actually is this person? What have you gotten yourself into?


You don’t know what’s happening. Hmm. It’s like when you see the “tiny ice cream spheres” in the basket and you’re like “Are you Dippin’ Dots? Are you?!”


But you’re smitten.


And awkward.


But then you get to know your person and oh my word, they’re annoying sometimes. (I.e. they’re a real human.) They do things, and you tell your friends stories that end with


They’re also a little weird, even though you both tried so hard to contain the weird from the beginning.


But every time they do something so predictably them, you have to hand it to them


They’re great. And when you really think about it


You’re in love!



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