I Started Christmas Early: And Other Things that Have Happened.

It’s nothing new to tell you that I usually have a policy of reserving Christmas-related everything until after Thanksgiving. Especially for the past couple years, I waited until the day after Thanksgiving to break out the Sufjan Songs for Christmas album. But let’s be real: probably the only reason people actually do this kind of thing is to be snarky about it on Facebook. Christmas makes me happy, so I updated the Christmas playlist and got the Christmas decorations down from the closet shelf and that was that.

The result of starting Christmas early was being Christmas-happy longer. That’s it. Not so bad. And certainly not a big deal.

Here are some other updates:

Ben and I made lemon chicken pasta.

My sweet boyfriend and I made a Trader Joe’s-inspired dinner with root beer and garlic bread that was ridiculously good. I loved being in the kitchen again after not cooking much post-#31DaysintheKitchen. And then he did the dishes for me and Tiny Kitchen was all clean and ready for me to leave for Thanksgiving break. He’s a good one.



A kitten came to Friendsgiving.

I drove to West Lafayette for the third (semi-) annual Friendsgiving and it was probably the best one yet. Best decision: crock pot turkey, y’all. And Krista made delicious mashed potatoes. I made an apple butter pumpkin pie (and the boxed stuffing, which was actually wonderful). And, in addition to an apple-cranberry pie, Hayley made this absurdly good salad with a cranberry balsamic vinaigrette that made us feel healthy and able to go out that night for Sunday night free apps at Chumley’s. Because more food, apparently. PLUS, the whole time we had little Freyja the perfect kitten running around and snuggling up in our laps every few minutes. We even held hands once. And I don’t even like cats!



I got to try on bridesmaid’s dresses for Brooke’s wedding.

We caught up on life and things over lunch and then went to David’s Bridal and I positively died of joy for a few hours. And ordered a dress that I feel lovely in! I can’t wait to stand by Brooke as she marries Kevin. It’s going to be a completely joyous day. And at Purdue, no less! My heart.


(Almost) the whole family was together for Thanksgiving.

We were just missing a few of the dad’s-side group, but it was still a bigger Thanksgiving group than usual. Lots of eating (duh), cousin snuggles and talks, helping in the kitchen, laughs, and sweet hugs. This will speak for itself.


NovemberUpdate8 NovemberUpdate7

Puppy snuggles.

Home. Puppy paws. Christmas pajamas.


This really is the most wonderful time of the year, y’all.


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