A series of updates + some things I bought that I love.

Next week, I’ll tell you another story, like the carpet debacle, of remaining calm under pressure (as I have apparently learned to do) and share some exciting news, but for now, here are a few small updates since we’re already a third of the way through November and days pass quickly when you don’t blog every day!

  1. I went to Fort Wayne. // Getting there was a bit of an ordeal, but I finally got to see our new house. And I spent most of the weekend hanging out with these two cuddly pups.beagles

    And my sweet parents who endure selfies.

    And here’s the house!
  2. I teach incredible people on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. // Seriously. They bring such open hearts to our workshops and I’ve loved sharing all my favorite poems with them. And they’re seriously good writers. They dream a lot. It’s been an honor to listen to their words.
  3. I bought a calligraphy pen. // And it makes some gorgeous letters. I’ve been wanting one to make lovely things to put on my walls, especially as Christmas comes again and I fall in love with all its words all over again.
  4. I bought boots for a grand total of $3. // Yep. These lovely brown slouchy boots that will be ready to go when my favorite brown boots get too worn out.
  5. I’m breaking all the rules and listening to Christmas music. // I know. It’s not even Thanksgiving. But Nashville’s in summer mode for basically half the year and I’m ready for the holidays in a big way.
  6. I’m gearing up for lots of driving. // It’s time to see my people. Friendsgiving is coming up, and Thanksgiving, and then soon after I’ll be home again for Christmas. And at Purdue for a much-needed Anne-Brooke-Dienesa reunion.
  7. I love Shauna Niequist. // I read Bread & Wine. Y’all. If you love cooking and Jesus and your people, you’ve gotta read it. I’ve been listening to some talks she’s given that are up on Youtube while I eat lunch. The wisdom. My favorite so far is this one about what her mother taught her. Ultimately there’s this: “She would say write til your fingers bleed and tell stories til your voice runs out because it’s what you were made to do, mother or not, woman or not. … because it fills you, because you love it, because it helps people, because you’re YOU when you do it.”
  8. I went to Q Women. // And finally got to hear the awesome and wise Annie Downs speak. Her walk with the Lord is inspiring in ways that don’t make me think “I have to have a similar life” but that make me worship the same Jesus. The whole day was incredible.
  9. I love Ellie Holcomb. // Ellie led worship at Q Women, and I’ve been listening to her album As Sure as the Sun on repeat basically ever since. Spotify it; you will not regret it.
  10. It’s cold in Nashville! // And that, my friends, is proof that God knows my heart and loves it. Amen and amen.

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