Pour pâtisseries et du pain.

Last Sunday, we saw Chamonix cheese. This Sunday, allow me to catalogue the breads and pastries I ate in France. I really don’t know how French people stay skinny, y’all. At least I walked enough around Chamonix to counteract the intense bread consumption. Which, by the way, would have been worth it, regardless.

First of all, most of the pastries I had came from this bakery, right around the corner from my apartment. It looked like this from the window seats:


and this from the outside:


The bread there was dangerously cheap and one of the women who worked there got to know all of our group, since we were always in there buying espressos for only one euro. (Or was that just me?) I loved walking in there and hearing “Espresso? To go?”

But starting from the beginning…

A donut at the Geneva airport, completely freaked out about being in another country (me, not the donut):


Macarons. ALL the macarons:


Little Evan amazed at the macarons.
Little Evan amazed at the macarons.

A chocolate croissant:


Bread from the first Saturday at the market:


Same bread, with peach jam:


Bread from the second Saturday at the market, a chocolate chip baguette:


These little sweet rolls that I bought in the Super U bread aisle:

I also ate a lot of market strawberries...
I also ate a lot of market strawberries…

Croix de savoie from the bakery (that center is just all sugar):


And a pomme (apple)-y thing for the last morning of workshop:


Not to mention the baguettes. At least 3 times a week. I mean, that’s a lot of bread, but when in France…


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