Why I eat tomatoes: pico de gallo.

In another installment of the Anne Loves Mexican Food series (or the Things Mamaw Taught Me How to Make series), here’s how I make pico de gallo. Let it be clear that I do not like tomatoes unless you really do something to them to make them less raw-tomato-y, and pico is as close to raw tomatoes as I get. But add cilantro, onions, garlic…mmm. I’ll go for a tomato. (But not much of one.)

Here are the ingredients:


This is another recipe, like guacamole, that is really easy to make for one. First, chop the tomato (in really small pieces). Then wash the tomato-y gunk off your hands, because ew. Remind yourself that soon this will be pico and the tomato-ness will have been worth it.


Then chop some onion. I used red onion because I had it on hand, but you can use other onions, too.


Then “chop” some cilantro. Quotes because cilantro is the hardest thing ever to chop.


Use your favorite kitchen tool, the rasp, to grate some garlic. Don’t zest your fingers. (I didn’t this time! I’m no longer a rookie with using a rasp.)


Then add lime juice (I used the fridge stuff, but fresh is always better), salt and pepper. Mix it up, and stick it in the fridge so all those ingredients can get to know each other better.


Then put it on chips. Or a quesadilla. Or a spoon. Or add more cilantro midway through eating it with dinner. Delish!


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