31 Days in the Kitchen

Amped-up chicken tacos.

I love Mexican food in an eat-it-three-times-a-week sort of way. I love red onions and cilantro and lime juice and avocados. I love salsa. And cheese. And black beans. I can’t get enough.

The other night I made chicken tacos after making guacamole. I fancied them up a bit in lieu of making just a quesadilla or nachos. Or, let’s be real, just eating chips and guac for dinner.

This was a Sandra-Lee-style combination of frozen/premade food (the chicken) with fresh ingredients (the guac, cilantro, etc). Here’s what I did:

To make little taco shells, I cut out 5-inch-bowl-sized circles, then chopped up the remaining tortillas to make “chips.” Then, I put a tiny bit of olive oil in a pan, heated it to medium-high, and made sure the oil coated the entire surface. Then I crisped up the tortillas, just so they had a bit of brown on the edges and were slightly crunchy in parts. I did the same to the leftover tortillas to eat as chips.


I defrosted the chicken and finished it in a bit of olive oil, salt, pepper and garlic powder in the same pan as the tortillas.


To assemble the tacos, I topped the chicken with guacamole, red onion, cheese, lettuce and cilantro. (If I were a tomato or sour cream person, I’d add tomatoes and sour cream.)

Here's the homemade guac. Recipe here.

Then I folded them up and stuck a toothpick in so they’d look like tacos/defy gravity.


I ate the two tacos with the rest of the guacamole, some leftover Chipotle salsa, and some chips. I’m always amazed at what fancying a recipe up can do—the crispy tortillas made it taste so much better, as did doctoring up the chicken. Delish!

See also: leftover guac and Chipotle salsa.
See also: leftover guac and Chipotle salsa.

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