A tour of pies.

As I mentioned in the introduction to my #31DaysintheKitchen series, this whole cooking thing began with a peach-blueberry pie. I’ve made a lot of pies since, with different fillings, crusts, and, let’s be real, levels of success. Here’s a tour of pies I’ve made and what I’ve learned along the way (and, just for fun, with Friends-esque titles).

The One that Started It All: Premade crust, peaches from The Peach Truck, blueberries from the 12 South Farmer’s Market. A lattice crust. A brand-new pie plate.


The One with the Tears: Another peach-blueberry with vanilla ice cream. For Ben and Adam and their summer in Nashville. This was close to the end of their time here. I probably didn’t cry while I ate this pie, but I did when they left. Goodbye pies are the definition of bittersweet.


The Ones that were Cute: Logan came to visit and we made salted caramel apple hand pies.


The One with the Bacon: Bourbon. Apples. Bacon. Delicious, yes. Pretty, NO. No no.

And this made so much filling that I made another extra galette-ish thing.
And this made so much filling that I made another extra galette-ish thing.

The One in France: Of course, peach-blueberry. Mini-muffin-tin-pies.


The One Back in Nashville: Because summer, of course.


The One for New Friends: I went to New York to visit Ben and of course there was pie for him and his roomies.


The One with Rhubarb: At Dad’s request, strawberry rhubarb with homemade crust. Rhubarb, I decided, tastes like sour candy if it were in the shape and consistency of celery. WEIRD.

IMG_5407 IMG_5412

The One Where Dad Moved to Fort Wayne: Apple pie for Dad’s first week living and starting his new job in Fort Wayne. (Proud of this one; it turned out really beautiful, I think.)


The One for an Anniversary: For Mom and Dad’s anniversary. Also The One Whose Recipe I Didn’t Read All the Way. It was absolutely soupy and taught me some pie humility. But good, I think?


The One that was a Galette: I think this is the prettiest food I have ever prepared.


The One with the Cider Caramel: OMG, you reduce apple cider with brown sugar and butter to make cider caramel, and then it’s just an apple pie but with this delicious syrup…ahh.


The One with the Leftovers: Most recently, for the blog: a pie for when you want just a bit of pie.


I think I love baking pies because they’re always rustic and classic. They’re always cozy. They’re always best shared. Most importantly, and as all good cooking should, they remind me of home and my people.


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