31 Days in the Kitchen

A tour of the tiny kitchen.

My apartment has a tiny kitchen, which will be called Tiny Kitchen throughout these 31 days. To start, a tiny tour to show you where I cook and how I’ve built this kitchen to be a place I enjoy:

The coffee zone. I’ve just recently switched over to using the my K-cup thing, which is why there are coffee grounds next to a Keurig.
Above the coffee zone: mug hooks, minus a couple mugs.
Above the sink: some old photos from the Versailles house and a Luke’s Diner canvas I painted several years ago.
Current obsession: Crisp Morning Air Bath and Body Works antibacterial soap. You guys. This stuff smells like fall. Heavenly.
Calendar (which, for some reason, I have kept blank–I kind of like keeping my real planning in my planner and using this for decoration and quick reference), cross from Mom, oven mitts, a fancy tea towel, and a firefighter Minion that Dienesa and I got out of a cereal box. Just in case there’s a fire, of course.
Above the other hook thing: whisks, a strainer, and this sign from Mom (the light just hit it like that when I snapped this photo!).
Cork board that hides the breaker box. Miscellaneous things, including my envelope of coupons, postcards, my thesis cover page, Jason Isbell tickets, and a pencil perched on top of two pushpins.
Fridge, including photos, notes, magnets, etc.
Side of the fridge: these fun magnet things I got from Ikea, holding sprinkles, sugar and Ale-8 caps. They’re mostly decorative but that’s definitely where the sprinkles go, so…
Stovetop, with most-used spices along the back.
Adorable towels I got from Target.
The really-fraying-at-this-point rug that Dienesa bought for our Purdue kitchen. I love it and have no plans to get a new, non-fraying one.
And all of that fits in this tiny little space. (Which is shown with dishes in the sink, because I hate doing dishes, so let’s be real, most of the time there are dishes in the sink.)

A kitchen should hold you and feel like home, which why I put photos and notes up. I want to be able to see something I love and know well when I’m stirring something at the stove or waiting for the oven timer to ding. It might look busy, but it’s certainly cozy.

Keep following #31DaysintheKitchen to see what comes from Tiny Kitchen!


5 thoughts on “A tour of the tiny kitchen.

  1. That is such a cute kitchen. :) I am inspired to make mine cuter now! And to post more pics on my blog. You don’t want to see my kitchen right now (SO messy, ugh) but maybe I should post a kitchen tour one of these days as well. I hope you don’t mind if I use this idea!

  2. I like your little kitchen! Those little magnetic tins from Ikea are awesome…I’ll have to get some! Stopping by from the 31 days link up! beckyshappytable.com

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