Leslie Knope, eggplants and BFFs.

I keep reading this blog title as “Leslie Knope and eggplants are BFFs.” I can neither confirm this nor deny it.

I recently spent the weekend in Knoxville with Dienesa and we had the most absurdly excellent time. I drove up (across? to the East?) on Friday. It was one of those lovely, blue-skied, cool-air drives. I listened to the Nora Ephron essay collection, I Remember Nothing, that I found on CD at Half-Price Books. Read by the author. Nora’s voice telling me how she ended up almost not writing When Harry Met Sally because she almost became an heiress and wouldn’t have needed to. The only weird thing was the truck in front of me slamming into a concrete divider and then driving a bit before pulling over and seriously not looking like anything was wrong. I mean, the glass of the passenger side window had shattered. He was going at least 75 mph. But it was like that kind of thing happened every day. At least he looked unhurt, but it was bizarre.

When I got to Knoxville, we immediately went to Chick-fil-a in reminiscence of our Friday Night Trifectas from senior year at Purdue (Chick-fil-a, going to see The Crazy Monkeys, an improv group, and watching You’ve Got Mail).

The next morning we woke up early and went to breakfast. Then I worked on some poems and started reading one of Dienesa’s library books while she volunteered at the Knoxville Arts Festival. Here was my morning view:

Sleepy morning Nora.
Sleepy morning Nora.

And here is the book. You guys. This is ridiculously good.


My copy has already arrived in the mail. Thank you, Amazon Prime.

For the rest of the day, we ate, shopped (half sheet pans! 50% off!), and drank coffee since we were super exhausted. Here I am geeking out over a particularly good K Brew iced latte.


The dinner plans were frozen pizza (as usual), then homemade snickerdoodles made into ice cream sandwiches. Did I mention we like to eat?

IMG_5747There’s Leslie Knope on Netflix. Galentine’s Day episode, of course. The one where Leslie says “Oh, Ann, you beautiful spinster. I will find you love.”

Then we Skyped with our BFF Hans and stayed up until 3 am talking. Then we slept in til forever, and then we made this breakfast:

IMG_5750By that I mean, Dienesa made the breakfast and I made the coffee because she is awesome at pancakes. And I am awesome at eating pancakes. (Also pictured: snickerdoodles!)

Then we book shopped at McKay’s, where you can find Any Book Ever:

IMG_5755I giggled at this:

I know they’re journals, but those might as well be actual copies of the Twilight series. Ha. Ha.

And then I had to go back to Nashville. I got home and whipped up these honey-pumpkin-spice granola bars for my breakfasts this week (and, as I have found, for the topping for the vanilla ice cream in my freezer):

Half-batch, since I returned from Knoxville having eaten all the things.

Until next time, Dienesa & Knoxville!


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