For Nashville, my people and jubilee.

Remember those friends of mine who were in Nashville last summer?

They made something incredible.

One of the best things is watching your people do what they love. Most often, what they love ends up being something you believe in, too. Last summer, I got to watch Ben and Adam begin work on the EP they just released.

In the process, they taught me something about place and how it can transform and surprise us. They showed me how a place will mean something if you trust it to reveal itself to you. I read early versions of these lyrics on the old Bongo Java front porch (RIP gorgeous porch. Bring back the old porch, Bongo Java!). I listened to “Astronaut’s Wife” over lunch at Fido and again in New York almost a year later. Now, the place we shared is the place something important began. It’s a place that offers wonder as quickly as a summer storm. And the thing is—any place can do that.

You shoulda seen the world today,
Flash flood, lightning, Nashville, summer grey
(After Dark)

Their music (and friendship) has given me hope for Nashville and hope for growing up. When we parted at the end of last summer, I think we all wallowed for a bit (okay, I wallowed a lot).

But their music is important because it offers the hope I needed at the end of that summer and the hope I still need a year later. Their songs are about growing up and striking out on your own, and they insist on hope—waiting for it, staying up late for it, seeking it out. I’ve learned from these songs to hold out for the magic and joy I’ve experienced to happen again.

There was magic behind, and so sure in my mind
There were many such things still to be
There are many such things still to be
I will know when you show them to me

So I’m celebrating this EP, Ben & Adam, and what these songs have given me. Soon I know I’ll be celebrating what they’ve given a ton of other people, too.

You can listen to it here and check out their blog here (to read about where the name Stonewall came from, as well as some Nashville summer snapshots). If you like what you hear, consider passing their work along to your people. They’ve got something to say and it’s worth a listen.

Two of my favorite Nashville things: Stonewall and the Well Coffeehouse.
Two of my favorite Nashville things: Stonewall and the Well Coffeehouse.

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