Finishing the Thesis: A Story in GIF, starring Rory and Lorelai Gilmore.

  1. You’ve been in the house too long, so you decide to go work in a coffee shop.GGnothingtowear
  2. At hour three in any given coffee shop, you discover drinking coffee is REALLY great.GGcoffee
  3. Occasionally on the weekends, you go home, because your parents have a new adorable puppy to play with.
  4. Somehow it is STILL MARCH and time has ground to a halt.GGpatience
  5. You wake up at one in the morning to jot down notes so you won’t forget to change the reference in the foreword after you revised the poem you reference.GGsleep
  6. You read poems out loud alone in your apartment a lot.GGreadinginmirro
  7. You have this thought a few times a day about everything you write.GGburnit
  8. You stay in a lot.GGhomies
  9. You jot down a lot of blog ideas.GGpursuitofed
  10. You identify themes.GGthemes
  11. You have a good writing day, so you make a great dinner to celebrate (and to pass the slowest hours of your life).GGeattothat
  12. You write your acknowledgements page that no one will read, yet you still get super sentimental about it because you are a total sap.GGacknowledgments
  13. You turn it in.GGturnitin
  14. And then, finally, it’s time to be done with this thing.

    Peace out, MFA.



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