Here are some things that have made me feel older only 15 days into the new year.

  1. Teaching undergraduates.
    I kept saying that I didn’t know whether my students would recognize me as the teacher since I feel like I still look like an undergrad myself, blah blah. Well, they did. All I had to do was sit at the head of the conference table. It’s also completely natural that I refer to them as my “kids,” even though they’re only a few years younger than me.
  2. Cancelling Skype plans with friends because you all have to do your jobs.
    Dienesa, Brooke and I had plans to talk last Thursday night but then Dienesa had a report due and Brooke had a newsletter to write and I had a pitch due in the morning. So we postponed. And then we weren’t in college anymore.
  3. Wearing a watch.
    When you’re the teacher, you can’t really just keep your phone on the table to check the time (when the unreliable clock is behind you) because the kids would see text notifications or it would buzz every time you got an email and they’d be totally distracted. So you get a ($14.99 Target junior’s section) watch to keep track. At 1:10, it’s like:
  4. Having clothes (that you actually wear) that need to be dry-cleaned.
    I bought a super-on-sale skirt from Ann Taylor and wore it my first day teaching. But it needs to be dry-cleaned (probably because it is a young-professional-type-skirt). What happened to the vague two-load system (whites + relatively colorful other clothes, etc.) I was using?!
  5. Spending a Saturday doing “home improvements.”
    This weekend, I bought a bigger trash can so I don’t have to take the trash out every five minutes. And it has a LID. I also hung up more framed photos, hung up some adorable tiny jars (that I’ve had for at least a year) over the sink, and rearranged the DVDs that were all over the place after I had to move furniture around so the heater could be fixed.

    Needless to say, the apartment looks awesome.
    Needless to say, the apartment looks awesome.

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