I don’t usually think of time in terms of calendar years; usually it’s in terms of the academic calendar and semesters. But I wanted to shift my own perspective and see what actually happened in 2013, month by month. Here are the highlights (with photos, because let’s be real, I took photos of everything in 2013).

January: One Friday while I was sitting at the Writing Studio, my friends Adam and Jane texted (from Versailles) and asked what I was doing that weekend. By dinnertime, they were on my doorstep. My people in a new place? And as a surprise? That trip changed our friendships and I felt so loved.


February: I bought these boots. And I still am in love with them. (February may not have been the most exciting month, but I loved these boots enough to Instagram them.)


MarchAir travel. My first AWP. Snowy, beautiful Boston. I celebrated my 23rd birthday in a new city with old friends (and fancy desserts!).


April: A spur-of-the-moment trip to Purdue, which of course meant a Pinterest night (and learning that spray paint eats right through plastic On-the-Go containers which leads to widespread panic and carpet stains).


May: The, ahem, bad MFA semester finally ended. I went to Sarasota for the PoetryLife Festival with the MFAs, met WS Merwin and Naomi Shihab Nye, and stayed in the most adorably kitschy B&B. I sat next to my best Nashville friend on the plane, drank coffee and ate amazing breakfasts. It was the most relaxing and unexpectedly wonderful trip.


June: Adam moved to Nashville, and we spent a whole week reading, eating, sitting by the pool and watching the NBA finals. Ben arrived soon after, and Nashville became infinitely more awesome with friends living so close by. I also went to see Josh Ritter in concert with my mom, which was so much fun.


July: Dienesa, Brooke and I spent a few days together in Knoxville and Nashville. We hiked, cooked, and talked (and talked and talked). The friendship I share with those two women is one of the greatest joys of my life. I also learned to make peach-blueberry pie—nothing’s better than pie with a scoop of ice cream in the summer!


August: The guys left Nashville after one of the best summers I’ve ever had and I started school again. Year two at Vanderbilt continues to be completely different than the first year (thankful is an understatement). I also started the blog!


September: I went to South Carolina for Kim’s Parents’ Weekend and lived the sorority life for a few days with the family. We went to a football game (the SEC—whoa), ate good food and laughed a lot. I love family time.


October: I started writing for PolicyMic and Logan came to visit Nashville. Another success for Anne and Logan’s Cooking Show.


November: Since Vanderbilt gives us a week-long Thanksgiving break, I went to Purdue before going home and finally got to visit with my favorite teacher ever, Mary Leader. That place is my second home. Dienesa visited Nashville and we saw Iron & Wine. The next weekend, my parents visited and we saw Charlie Daniels and Old Crow Medicine Show. Nashville finally felt like Music City.


December: I finished the most productive MFA semester yet and visited my dear friend Ben in New York. That city happens to be the most magical place I’ve ever been in around Christmastime. Ice skating in the snow, baking cookies, a real & sparkling Christmas tree in the apartment—it was the most perfect start to a great holiday season.


And here we are…let’s see what you’ll be, 2014.


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