News of the weird.

Things have gotten weird in Nashville. Although we finally have fall weather and I’ve discovered the concept of Target leggings, which are perhaps the most comfortable item of clothing I’ve ever worn, I am exasperated (and ready for the weekend) because of the following:

I had to extricate a cockroach from my shower (MY SHOWER) the other day. It was an inch (and a half, maybe, or like a foot) long. I pulled back the shower curtain and it was like


I found it on its back, so thought it was dead, but then it was…not. Once I had flipped it over, I trapped it in a Tupperware and set it free outside (amid much shouting and squirming on my part. Perhaps the little guy was also screaming a little bug-scream being rushed to the door as he was.). I don’t know why I had a sudden burst of sympathy for him. It would’ve been more terrifying to try to crunch that thing to death, but now I’m pretty sure he left my front landing area, found all his gross brothers and told them about the cockroach-friendly apartment he just got to hang out in. Needless to say, I have roach baits in here now. Ew. It makes me itchy writing about it.

On the same day as The Cockroach Issue, I picked up dinner from Chipotle (like I may or may not do once a week). It was the first really cold day of fall in Nashville, and I ordered some of their hot salsa. Those two things weren’t related until the Chipotle people left me a note on my burrito-bowl-to-go. It said, “Hope the hot sauce warms you up!” with a smiley face. It has now become apparent that I am in some sort of relationship with the West End Chipotle.


Meanwhile, I’ve been watching 30 Rock from the beginning, and the combination of the above two life-is-weird moments has made me feel a little bit like Liz Lemon. This is good in a lot of ways—she’s quirky but endearing and smart (like me? right?)—but I watched the episode in which Liz gets nervous because she lives alone and what if she chokes while eating dinner and, well, things hit a little too close to home. Just like how I took precautions with the roach baits, I have read up on what to do in case of choking while alone, but now I live in vague fear of choking and giant bugs. Blerg. Every day I eat dinner without incident, though, becomes me


…and that’s what life is like here in Music City.


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