Welcome to the apartment, things that are new (to me).

It’s been a busy past couple of weeks, y’all. I wanted to write a very put-together of-the-moment post about millennials and Facebook and opinions (and it’s coming!), but the week got away from me. So this week I’m doing something fun that maybe only I will find awesome and hilarious.

I spent the past weekend in Knoxville with my BFF Dienesa. We geeked out over a lot of things, including but not limited to High School Musical, donuts and our friend Brooke’s appearance on FaceTime. In addition to these, an important current obsession of ours is Mindy Kaling, who, incidentally, has come up on this blog more than planned.

We listened to an interview she gave and talked about her book and how her show is really great because its main character is an intelligent, hardworking woman to whom we can relate. When I got back to Nashville, I found Mindy’s blog, which features several posts titled “Things I bought that I love.” So, for this week, here are some things in my apartment that are new (to me).

  1. These tea towels—A friend of Dienesa’s was having a yard sale over the weekend, so we went. I got four of these adorable tea towels for just a dollar. Even though I own a Keurig, they at least inform people that I know what a French press is. They are a step in the direction of one of my goals, which is to make my apartment look like the Anthropologie store.

    Adorbs, right?!
  2. Old copies of the New Yorker—At the same yard sale, they had stacks of the New Yorker. I asked how much they were, and they were like “FREE! Take them all!” So I basically did. Reading material for months.
  3. Nora Ephron books—We also went to McKay’s, where I always browse the “written humor” section. It usually just consists of a million copies of that weird Chelsea Handler book and a few copies of Bossypants (which is confusing—who would get rid of that book?!), but THIS TIME I found these Nora Ephron essays. The yellow one was 75 cents. Come on. It’s like I’m sitting in the room with the woman who wrote You’ve Got Mail. And y’all know how I feel about that movie.

    New Yorkers stacked into categories: read articles immediately vs. read articles later on.
  4. A tiny Teflon pan—Okay, technically, my mom bought this for me. I don’t know much about adulthood, but I think it includes not being into any of the polka-dotted college dorm stuff at Bed Bath & Beyond and instead flipping out over the perfectly-sized Teflon pan you found because hello, it won’t take up much room waiting to be washed in the sink and you only need to sauté a small amount of peppers and onions at a time anyway because you live alone. It’s the little things. (Mine is blue on the bottom, too. Adulthood also means that your favorite colors are on your kitchenware, not your bedsheets or your eyeshadow.)

    Mine looks like this except it's black on the inside (?) and blue on the outside.
    A tiny pan for my tiny kitchen.
  5. Burt’s Bees Lip Shimmer in Peony—I’ve been wanting to buy this tiny thing for a long time and I finally splurged (meaning that I spent more than zero dollars on lip stuff, which is usually what I spend). It’s the perfect light shade of pink, smells all minty and makes me feel like I get to wear something a little fancy.

    ...because what girl doesn't love the word 'shimmer' in her makeup?
    …because what girl doesn’t love the word ‘shimmer’ in her makeup?

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