First post.

Yesterday, after I disclosed to a friend that I was not, in fact, getting any work done while we sat in a coffee shop together, but was instead reading old blog posts by my favorite blogger, I decided that I’m going to try blogging for myself. Here are some legitimate and not-so-legitimate reasons why I want to blog:

1. I think bloggers are awesome. They’re always the most hilarious, creative, inspiring, real people. Or at least that’s what all my favorite bloggers convey through their writing, and that’s what I want to do. They always have good Instagram accounts. They’re social media-savvy. Sometimes they write books. They’re people I want to know in real life. And best of all, they’ve got this interesting record of what they were thinking about/working through/obsessing over during their lives.

2. I’m a writer. I write poetry, and I have lots of dreams. I want to publish poems, but I also want to write prose. I want to write a memoir. I want to write for Boundless. I want to write, and I never want to stop.

3. I love lists (obviously, this is a list). A copious amount of Buzzfeed-reading has done this to me. I think in lists, and I organize in a this-is-perhaps-too-much way. So blog posts that are lists and top-fives and what-I-love-abouts? Yes, please.

4. I crack myself up. This seems necessary for bloggers.

5. I have stuff to say. We can’t get around the fact that blogs are meant, most often, to be read. And I want to talk. I want to learn through writing things down, through articulating thoughts. I want to remember everything. 

Later, I tested out some possible blog post ideas with this same friend. What to expect: things I love about air travel, things I love about Nashville, best parts of the May trip to Sarasota. Things that were vetoed: a list of things I love that are green. Perhaps I will have to earn readers before I get all poetic about salad & salad bars.


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